Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts

The Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts makes images of over 12,000 texts from throughout Laos easily accessible for study. Collaborating institutions are the National Library of Laos, the University of Passau, and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preußischer Kulturbesitz. The project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

There is a wide diversity in the manuscript collection, covering a large geographical area and historical timeframe, different literary traditions and schools of scribes, and different languages and scripts. The majority of the texts are from the Lao, Lan Na and Tai Lue traditions, with smaller numbers in Tai Nuea, and Tai Dam, etc.

The DLLM database can be searched by title, ancillary term, language, script, category, material, location, date, and code number. Images of the manuscripts can be viewed online or copied to your desktop, and complete sets of images of inventoried texts can be downloaded. The grey-tone images were digitised from microfilm, while colour images were taken directly from the original manuscripts.

The DLLM website also provides information about the Lao literary tradition, the Preservation of Lao Manuscripts Programme, study resources, and a gallery of photographs showing the manuscript preservation work of the National Library of Laos.

The DLLM website was launched in September 2009. At present 12,168 texts are searchable. Feedback on the functionality of the site and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

In September 2011, an experimental tool for searching within the digital images of a text was added to the Text View page.

Direct digitisation of manuscripts kept at the National Library of Laos started in January 2012 and their colour images are being added to the website, replacing the greytone images.

Lao fonts have been embedded in the DLLM website. However, in some operating systems and web browsers you may need to install a Unicode Lao font on your computer for Lao script to display correctly.


ໂຄງການ​ຫໍສະໝຸດ​ດິຈິ​ຕອລໜັງສື​ໃບ​ລານ​ລາວ ຂອງ​ຫໍສະໝຸດ​ແຫ່ງ​ຊາດ ນະ​ຄອນ​ຫລວງ​ວຽງ​ຈັນ ​ໄດ້​ຈັດ​ສະ​ເໜີ​ຮູບ​ພາບ​ດິຈິ​ຕອລ​ເອກະສານ​​ເກືອບ 12,000 ຕົ້ນ​ສະບັບ ຈາກ​ທົ່ວ​ປະ​ເທດ​ໂດຍ​ຜ່ານ​ອິນ​ເຕີ​ເນັດ ​ເພື່ອ​ຜູ້​ສົນ​ໃຈ​ສາມາດ​ໃຊ້​ສຶກສາ​ຄົ້ນຄວ້າ​ໄດ້​ໂດຍ​ສະ​ດວກ. ຄຼິກຫ້ອງ​ ‘ພາສາ​ລາວ’ ​ຢູ່​ທາງ​ເທິງ​ເພື່ອ​ເບິ່ງ​ເວັບ​ໄຊ​ພາສາ​ລາວ.


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